The Eurasian Mining Congress (EMC) is the world's largest event in the mining and metallurgical industry. EMC unites specialists and scientists from different countries working in the field of development of solid mineral deposits.

Leading institutes of the mining and metallurgical complex, along with key suppliers and service companies, will present advanced developments in the mining industry. Leading experts of the mining industry and representatives of related industries from all over the world will make presentations at the Eurasian Mining Congress.

The conference is aimed at cooperation between industrial enterprises and scientific institutions of the mining industry in the Eurasian space, opening up new prospects for the development of international cooperation in this area.

  • Main tasks of the Eurasian Mining Congress
  • promotion of global innovations and exchange of experience with mining experts from all over the world;
  • development of science and promotion of international scientific and technical cooperation for progress in MMC;
  • discussion of the most pressing issues of MMC and search for their solutions;
  • improving industrial safety and environmental protection measures;
  • Key areas of EMC-2021 work:
  • Current state and directions of geotechnology development;
  • Innovations and prospects for the development of mining engineering and electromechanics;
  • Actual environmental problems of the mining industry;
  • Prospects and problems of digital transformation of the mining industry;
  • Socio-economic aspects of the mining industry

The key function of the Eurasian Mining Congress is to consolidate science and industry to solve global and applied problems of developing the mining and metallurgical industry in the Eurasian space.


By the decree of the organizing committee of the Eurasian Mining Congress (ECM-2021), it was decided to extend the deadline for accepting thesis/article until October 30, 2021.
The congress program will be posted soon. Coming soon.


  • International Organizing Committee (IOC) of the EMC
  • Ryspanov Nurlan Bektasovich – IOC Chairman, EAMS President, Doctor of technical sciences, EAMS Academician
  • Pirmatov Eshmurat Asimovich – Deputy Chairman of the IOC, President of the EMC, Doctor of technical sciences, Academician of the EAMS
  • Voytov Igor Vitalievich – Member of the IOC EMC, Vice-President of the EAMS (Belarus), Doctor of technical sciences, Academician of the EAMS
  • Usenov Keneshbek Zhumabekovich – Member of the IOC EMC, Vice-president of the EAMS (Kyrgyzstan), Doctor of technical sciences, Academician of the EAMS
  • Zakharov Valery Nikolayevich – Member of the IOC EMC, Vice-President of EAMS (Russia), Doctor of technical sciences, Academician of EAMS
  • Raimzhanov Bahadirzhan Raimzhanovich – Member of the IOC EMC, Vice-President of the EAMS (Uzbekistan), Doctor of technical sciences, Academician of the EAMS
  • National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the EMC
  • Abdurakhmonov Ibrohim Yulchievich – Chairman of the NOC, Minister of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan
  • Sanakulov Kuvandik Sanakulovich – Co-Chairman of the NOC, General Director of SE "Navoi MMC"
  • Toshkulov Abdukodir Khamidovich – чmember of the NOC, Minister of higher and secondary special Education of Uzbekistan
  • Yuldashev Bekzod Sadykovich – member of the NOC, President of the Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan
  • Tursunov Kobul Beknazarovich – member of the NOC, Governor of Navoi region
  • Khursanov Abdulla Khalmuradovich – member of the NOC, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC"
  • Pirmatov Rashid Khusanovich – member of the NOC, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "Uzmetkombinat"
  • Turabdzhanov Sadritdin Makhamatdinovich – member of the NOC, Rector of the Tashkent State Technical University named after I. Karimov
  • Mirzayev Abdurazak Umirzakovich – member of the NOC, ChairmanNavoi Branch of the Academy of SciencesRUz
  • Umarov Farkhodbek Yarkulovich – member of the NOC, DirectorАлмалыкскогоNUST Almalyk BranchMISA
  • Samadov Alisher Usmanovich – member of the NOC, Director Almalyk branch of Karimov Tashkent State Technical University
  • Raimzhanov Bahadirzhan Raimzhanovich – Vice-chairman of the NOC, Professor of Almalyk Branch NUST «MISIS»
  • Mislibaev Ilkhom Tuychibayevich – - member of the NOC, Dean of the Mining Faculty of Navoi State Mining Institute
  • Khasanov Abdirashid Salievich – member of the NOC, VIce Chief Engineer of JSC "Almalyk MMC"
  • Nurmurodov Tulkin Isamurodovich – Scientific secretary of the NOC, Vice-rector for Science and Innovation of the Navoi State Mining Institute

Why Navoi?

The organizers note that Uzbekistan was chosen as the venue for the Congress not by chance, since the resources of the Republic represent a rich mineral resource base: almost all the elements of the periodic table, of which 70% have been explored, and more than 60% are already used in production. Uzbekistan is one of the leaders in gold reserves and mining in the world, a mastodon in non-traditional uranium mining, and is firmly on the list of countries rich in metallic minerals. Over 10 million tons of the valuable component are produced annually in the country. The products of MMC enterprises of Uzbekistan are exported all over the world.

Navoi is an oasis in the desert. This is the youngest city in the country, the construction of which began by decision of the Government of the republic in 1958. The city got its name in honor of the great Uzbek poet, scientist and statesman Alisher Navoi.

The city is of great economic importance, and is a major industrial center in the western part of Uzbekistan. It can be said that the city has become a kind of outpost for the development of the desert.

Today Navoi is one of the leading industrial centers of Uzbekistan. In the city are located:

Among other things, the city of Navoi has recently become the first full-fledged free zone in the CIS-the FIEZ zone (Free Industrial and Economic Zone).


Uzbekistan is one of the largest countries in Central Asia, with world-class mineral reserves and a huge potential for business development and attracting investment in the mining and geological industry. Uzbekistan ranks third in the world in terms of gold reserves. It also ranks 10th in terms of zinc, silver, and tungsten reserves, 11th in terms of uranium, and 12th in terms of copper reserves. The mining industry of Uzbekistan is one of the most important and strategic sectors of the country.

Since 2017, Uzbekistan has been actively implementing reforms to attract international investment, increase the competitiveness of industry and liberalize the financial system. To improve the efficiency and increase the volume of gold and copper production, the government of Uzbekistan is implementing large - scale modernization programs in two major state-owned mining companies-JSC "Kazinform". Almalyk MMC and Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (NMMC). As part of the sectoral reform, both enterprises are being removed from state control and transformed into joint-stock companies.

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (NMMC) is one of the world's top ten gold and uranium producing companies and is the largest mining enterprise in Uzbekistan, which has mastered the full production cycle from geological exploration of subsurface reserves, ore extraction and processing to the production of finished products. The "999.9" grade mark on the gold bars of the plant has become a brand of Uzbekistan on the world precious metal exchanges.

Over the years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi MMC has reached a completely new stage of development. As a result of the technical and technological modernization of existing processing plants and the construction of new ones, the plant has made significant progress in the production of its products.

  • Main divisions of NMMC:
  • Northern Mining Administration (Uchkuduk)
  • Central Mining Administration (Zarafshan)
  • South Mining Administration (Nurabad)
  • Hydrometallurgical Plant No.1 "(Navoi)
  • Mining Administration No. 5 (Zafarabad)
  • Navoi Machine-Building Plant
  • Geological exploration expedition
  • Central Research Laboratory
  • Over the past 25 years, the plant has built and put into operation:
  • 1. Hydrometallurgical Plant No.3
  • 2. Kyzylkum phosphorite complex
  • 3. Hydrometallurgical Plant No.4
  • 4. Hydrometallurgical Plant No.7

JSC "Uzbek Metallurgical Combine" is the leading enterprise of ferrous metallurgy in the republic. Over the years of independence of Uzbekistan, the company has been developing dynamically, increasing its capacity every year.

Continuous reconstruction, technical re-equipment and modernization of production allow us to produce high-quality competitive products that are supplied to industrial enterprises and the development of the construction industry of the republic, as well as exported.

The plant actively develops cooperative relations with enterprises of the republic, as well as with small businesses and private businesses, creates new jobs, and makes a significant contribution to the development of social infrastructure.

  • The plant's structure includes:
  • Steelmaking industry
  • Rolling production
  • Production of non-ferrous metals
  • Production of heat-insulating materials
  • Production of consumer goods
  • A coping shop
  • Management branches «Ikkilamchikorametallar» JSC «Uzmetkombinat»
  • Shop for the production of ferroalloys

JSC "Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combineis" one of the largest industrial enterprises in Uzbekistan, which over its 70-year history has made a worthy contribution to the development of the economic potential of our country, which is based on the reserves of a group of copper-molybdenum, lead-zinc and gold-silver deposits.

Almost all the elements of the periodic table are found in the ore extracted from these fields of the combine, which specializes in the extraction and processing of rare, precious and precious metals in the heart of our Homeland.

Gold and silver produced at the mill have the London Stock Exchange quality mark "Good Supplier". In the process of copper production, quality system management was implemented and an international certificate of conformity was obtained. This certificate of conformity is also issued to the production process at the Jizzakh Cement Plant.

About EAMS

Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences (EAMS)

On June 20, 2018, the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences (EAMS) was established in Astana as part of the World Mining Congress, with the active support of the Ministry of investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The place of registration and headquarters of the Academy is Astana.

  • Main areas of EAMS's work:
  • • Assistance to the development of the mining industry of the Academy's founding countries
  • • Assistance in the formation of an effective regulatory system for the development of the industry in the countries of the Eurasian region
  • • Assistance in developing the scientific and innovative potential of technological modernization of the mining industry
  • • Identification of priority areas of scientific research, promising design and development projects, coordination of these research and development activities
  • • Assistance in improving the process of training and retraining of higher scientific personnel and specialists for the mining industries of the Academy's founding countries. Chairman of the Supreme Academic Council of the EAMS, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Malyshev Yuriy Nikolaevich. President of the EAMS, Academician of NAMS – Ryspanov Nurlan Bektasovich.


  • Venue: Navoi State Mining Institute
  • Congress address: 210100, M.Taraby str. 72, Navoi city, Uzbekistan
  • Date: November 11-12, 2021
  • Website: https://emc.ndki.uz/
  • E-mail: eurasia.mine@gmail.com
  • ТPhone of the secretariat: +998 (79) 223-5544
  • Fax of the secretariat: +998 (79) 223-5544